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NewsKit provides components, guidelines and standards to enable digital product teams to create high-quality, consistent products quickly. NewsKit is built on modular design principles and backed by best practice guidance for design and development.


Design systems have become the gold standard for product development. Some benefits include:

Speed to market

Upfront research, design and development allows teams to build new features or products quickly and with confidence. Rapid creation translates to the increased pace of innovation.

Shared knowledge

NewsKit is built through collaboration and is available to all. Feedback from a diverse range of consumers produces a more robust, considered and flexible product. In addition, NewsKit allows teams to benefit from the research and experience of other teams and solve problems once.

Best Practice

All NewsKit components support keyboard navigation, screen readers and touch screens, conforming to W3C's WCAG 2.1 guidelines for accessibility. In addition, the components take in SEO considerations where relevant and are rigorously tested. Finally, detailed guidance documentation ensures clarity.


NewsKit allows teams to do more with less; components are maintained centrally, enabling teams to achieve incremental upgrades and manage their digital product needs as they grow.


The powerful theming system allows styling to be tailored to the needs of any brand. Themes can be applied globally or per component, enabling visual differences between sections, sub-brands or unlocking user preferences like dark mode or page density settings. In addition, all components are designed to ensure they can be applied to multiple use cases.


NewsKit establishes a common language between designer and engineer and applies a systematic approach to all aspects of the interface. Infinitely reusable components and clear guidance around design and engineering best practices enable teams to build consistency across products and teams.


NewsKit design system and the NewsKit team is guided by a set of principles.

We design for people. Whether the product teams using our components or the customers using the end products

We establish insights into our user needs through qualitative and quantitative data; we continually test our components and the overall design system and seek feedback to ensure it meets these needs.

We’re inclusive first to ensure our solutions meet the needs of as many users as possible

Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude users. The components are accessible to WCAG 2.1 AA standards. We strive for clarity around everything we do, simplifying the complex. We use simple language, avoid acronyms and offer more detail when required. Our users should always be able to understand and act with confidence.

Every component serves a user’s need that is shared by multiple services or products

We never build something 'just in case'. Every design decision and component has a clear purpose and contributes to a larger goal; it shouldn't be there if it doesn't.

Great ideas come from everywhere

Everyone is encouraged to contribute. We share everything we are doing at every step: designs, code, ideas, successes or failures. We encourage and seek feedback, suggestions and contributions. We all take responsibility for the output of the team and reject ownership.