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There are a lot of ways to contribute to the NewsKit community and Design System; from submitting a proposal to designing a new feature for other users to benefit from.


Stay in contact with the NewsKit team and help it progress in a positive direction.

Report a bug

Software glitches and pesky bugs can occasionally make their way into NewsKit products including the design library, codebase or this website. If you encounter a bug, please report it to us using the bug submission form. Reports submitted in this fashion will be directed to the NewsKit team to address.

Propose an enhancement or request a feature

We’re always upgrading and improving the Design System to better meet the product team’s needs. We encourage improvements, enhancements and new features. To support this process we have a workflow below to scope whether a new feature should be added to the Design System.

Propose an enhancement or request a new feature by submitting details using the online form.


Promote the NewsKit Design System, answer questions and help your team integrate.

Promote it

Had a good experience with NewsKit? Please let us know! By sharing your good experiences using NewsKit, our team and other teams can unlock the same benefits you have had; the benefits remain hidden until teams know about it and use it.

Respond to questions

Use knowledge of the NewsKit, Design Systems and tools to assist teammates and others. For News UK teams, feel free to jump into #newskit and answer questions that arise. The more users that share knowledge, the more we can learn from each other and grow the NewsKit community.

Assist adoption and integration

The NewsKit team aims to provide new users with the tools they need to get started with the Design System quickly and efficiently. However, we acknowledge that often the first steps are the hardest. Learning new ways of working and processes can be a challenge. If you require support, the NewsKit team can help. If you are confident using NewsKit, assist your teammates and others in making their first integration.


Write code or design assets for the NewsKit Design System for other users to reuse.

Build design assets

Designed something that you think other NewsKit users would benefit from? Let our team know! Your design could be used to improve other products!

Write some code

A lot of code has been written and there’s a lot more left to write. Whether you have built a new component or have a small typo fix, let our team know. The NewsKit team will guide you through the process and assess your contribution. Your contribution could be used in NewsKit and other products!

Write documentation

This website is the source of truth for the Design System. It’s important that the documentation is clear and concise. If you would like to improve an area of the website, let our team know. The NewsKit team can guide you through the contribution process.