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Code for accessibility

Building to WCAG standards maintains quality and supports assistive technologies.

Build accessible code

When building for the web, consider:

  • Does mark-up convey meaning and structure?

  • Are all interactive elements keyboard accessible?

  • Do images have alt tags?

  • Is there clear feedback after submitting a form?

  • Do videos have captions?

  • Can animations/transitions be turned off?

  • Can audio levels be modified, or audio muted on page load?

  • Does it render across different devices?

Considerations will vary depending on what you are building.
See the a11y project checklist for a complete list of code considerations.

Need answers fast?

Developing for web accessibility - the top 10 things to consider with examples and links to WCAG guidelines.

How to meet WCAG (quick reference) - search and filter WCAG criteria.

ARIA landmarks examples - show and hide landmark examples.

Have time?

Understanding WCAG 2.1 - understanding WCAG criteria with visual examples.

ARIA authoring practices guide - how to use the accessibility semantics defined by ARIA.

Making audio and video accessible - how to make media accessible.

MDN web docs accessibility guide - learning modules and resources from Mozilla.

What’s next?

Write for accessibility

Clear copy in plain language benefits everyone.

Tools and checkers to help you test against accessibilty guidelines.

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