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Design patterns provide a framework for solving a particular user problem in a consistent, considered way.


Solutions are multi-tenant products that are designed, developed and ready for your team to use.

NewsKit Account

Complete account package with customer information and subscription management.

Help module that enables your customers to self-serve support.


Practical guidance for onboarding users onto your product or service.

Onboarding is the first impression a user has of a product or feature. It’s crucial to make it count.

Create compelling onboarding experiences by following these industry best practices.

This framework shows you how to onboard users with a simple three-step process.


Best practices to follow when creating form patterns.

Forms are used to collect customer’s data.

Help users to fill in forms quickly and accurately.

Use this pattern to collect a user's address.

Only ask for a user’s date of birth when we need to validate their age.

Use a date picker when capturing a date that is in the future like a delivery or a booking.

Ask for a user’s email address to provide a service or as a unique way of identifying them.

Use this component to collect a user’s gender.

Ask for a user’s name when it is needed to provide a service.

Use a password entry field when asking users to create an account or log in.

Use the payment field when the business needs to take payment for a service.

Ask for a user’s telephone number when there is a clear business requirement.

Use the right component for the type of data you’re collecting.