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To use NewsKit components in your project, you’ll need:

  • Node.js v16 or newer (eg 16.10.0 gives good performance).

  • A project to install NewsKit into. If you need to create a new one try Next.js or Create React App.

We recommend typescript, but NewsKit works with vanilla javascript too.

Install the package

Install the NewsKit package using a package manager like npm or yarn.

1npm install newskit @emotion/react @emotion/styled


1yarn add newskit @emotion/react @emotion/styled

Please note that newskit is using emotion as styling engine, that is why you also need to install@emotion/react and@emotion/styled.

Set up an app

NewsKit components can be used like any React components. They need to be descendants of a NewsKitProvider which provides a single wrapper to configure your application. It adds a ThemeProvider, MediaQueryProvider, InstrumentationProvider and a LayerOrganizer to handle theming, media queries, instrumentation and stacking context in the application.

Here's the "Hello World!" example of using a NewsKit Tag component with the NewsKitProvider.

1import {NewsKitProvider, Tag, newskitLightTheme} from 'newskit';
2import React from 'react';
3export default class App extends React.Component {
4  render() {
5    return (
6      <NewsKitProvider 
7        theme={newskitLightTheme}
8        instrumentation={'instrumentation provider props'}
9        layer={'layer organizer props'}
10        >
11        <Tag
12          href=""
13          size="medium">
14            Tag Content
15        </Tag>
16      </NewsKitProvider>
17    )
18  }

What’s next?

Creating a theme

Theme NewsKit components to match your brand.

Render NewsKit components using an available theme.

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