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Forms overview

Forms are used to collect customer’s data.

Capture the moment (with data)

Using Form components increases cohesion and avoids duplication of effort. Everyone benefits from shared best practice, research, and development.

This guide outlines best practices to follow when creating a Form and highlights the relevant NewsKit components. Following shared best practices ensures the best possible experience for our customers.

Why use the Forms pattern?


All our brands have some form of data capture. Aligning our approach means there is one source of truth when building forms and capturing customer information.

Ease of use

Customer data is only useful if it’s accurate. If we make our forms straightforward, it’s more likely our users will complete the form successfully.

Best practice

Digital forms have been around for decades. We can rely on proven industry best practice and shared learning to supplement our own research.

When should forms be used?

Forms should be used to capture information from customers based on clear business requirements/benefits. The data captured in Forms allows us to serve the customer or user.

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Best practice

Help users to fill in forms quickly and accurately.

Learn more about forms best practice

Best practice

Help users to fill in forms quickly and accurately.