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Why use NewsKit?

NewsKit makes building digital products quicker and simpler for everyone.



Get to market faster. NewsKit takes care of the research, design and development so you can focus on your users.


Be part of something bigger. When you join NewsKit’s open source community, problems only need solving once - then everyone benefits.


Build products for everyone. NewsKit meets WCAG and WAI-ARIA standards, and supports keyboard navigation, screen readers and touchscreens.


Do more with less. NewsKit lets you upgrade bit by bit and manage your needs - and costs - as you grow.


Stand out from the crowd. NewsKit’s powerful theming system lets you tailor the look and feel of components to your unique brand or sub-brand.


Get your teams talking. NewsKit establishes a common language between designer and engineer, so everyone’s on the same page.


Our principles shape everything we do at NewsKit.

We design for people

Everything revolves around our customers. Everything we do should make their lives a little easier - and sometimes a lot.

We’re inclusive first

Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude. We aim to make everything - from words to images to fonts - simple, clear and accessible for everyone.

We’re open (and open source)

We share everything. We love feedback and contributions. And we look for great ideas everywhere.

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