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NewsKit Account

Giving customers control of their accounts.

Account Solution

NewsKit Account is a full service, themable account solution that allows customers to manage their personal details, subscriptions, billing and preferences. It can be configured to provide the different feature combinations that your customers need.

Enabling customers to self-serve improves retention and reduces reliance on customer service agents. Account can collect data for continuous improvement and optimisation.

Solutions make it faster to bring new products online. With performance, security and accessibility built in, Solutions can help your team improve time-to-market. Apply your brand using the NewsKit theming system for consistency with your existing site and choose feature combinations that fit your brands' requirements.


Personal details

Update your profile, contact details and login.

Subscriptions and billing

Manage your subscription and delivery details, including payment info and transactions.

Holiday stops

Pause your print delivery at any time by adding a Holiday Stop to your account.

Delivery instructions

Add delivery instructions and specify where you would like your delivery left.

Newsletters and alerts

Manage your newsletters, notifications and contact preferences.

Contact the NewsKit team to discuss using NewsKit Account.

NewsKit Help Hub

Help module that enables your customers to self-serve support.

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NewsKit Help Hub

Help module that enables your customers to self-serve support.