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Use this component to collect a user’s gender.

How to ask users for their gender

Gender is sensitive information. Only ask for a user’s gender if it is vital to collect as part of a business requirement. If gender is collected you should make it clear to the user why we are asking for this data.


When collecting this data you should use the term ‘Gender’ rather than ‘Sex’ or ‘Title’. ‘Sex’ should only be used for biological or medical services so isn’t appropriate for News Corp.

If users select ‘Other’ a text entry field should be displayed as a separate component in NewsKit.


  • Give users the option of ‘I’d prefer not to say’.

  • Display genders in alphabetical order.

  • Display as a radio button list.

  • Make sure you actually need to ask for this data.


  • Assume gender by asking for ‘Title’ - A Dr can be both male or female.

  • Use the term ‘Sex’.

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Ask for a user’s name when it is needed to provide a service.

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Ask for a user’s name when it is needed to provide a service.