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Design for accessibility

Design provides the foundations for accessibility.

Design accessible websites

When designing for the web, consider:

  • Do all elements meet colour contrast to an AA standard?

  • Does content have a clear order and hierarchy?

  • Are interactive elements easy to identify?

  • Are navigation options clear and consistent?

  • Are layouts responsive to different viewports?

Considerations will vary depending on what you are designing.
See the a11y project checklist for a complete list of design considerations.

Need answers fast?

Designing for web accessibility - the top 10 things to consider with examples and links to WCAG guidelines.

Have time?

Giving a damn about accessibility - a comprehensive handbook on designing for accessibility and dealing with stakeholders.

Understanding WCAG 2.1 - understanding WCAG criteria with visual examples.

ARIA authoring practices guides - how to use the accessibility semantics defined by ARIA.

What’s next?

Code for accessibility

Building to WCAG standards maintains quality and supports assistive technologies.

Clear copy in plain language benefits everyone.

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