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Get the most out of NewsKit with easy-to-follow guides.

Getting started - design

Kickstart your first NewsKit design project.

Design Overview

Everything you need to know about designing digital products with NewsKit.

Getting started - code

Start building digital products with NewsKit.

Everything you need to know about NewsKit’s library of React web components.

Guides to start building web applications with NewsKit.

The grid layout component is a wrapper around CSS grid that maps all CSS grid properties to react props.

Step-by-step guide for engineers to build a form using the form subcomponents.

NewsKit components are built to emit events "out of the box".

NewsKit uses Jest and React Testing Library for unit testing.

Getting started - accessibility

Use NewsKit to create accessible products.

Equal access for everyone.

Design provides the foundations for accessibility.

Building to WCAG standards maintains quality and supports assistive technologies.

Clear copy in plain language benefits everyone.

Tools and checkers to help you test against accessibility guidelines.